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Nadia Decius

Born and raised in North Miami, Florida. Nadia attended William H Turner Technical Arts High School C/O 2005. She would later further and finish her education at FIU receiving her B.A  in English with a Focus in Writing and Rhetoric. So now I can stop talking in third person lol. So no baking was no where in my plans, it just happened. I love a little bit of people but love myself more.


Fashion has and will always be my first love(you couldn't tell me when I was living in Atlanta I wasn't going to be a professor at scad ) then its  anything else you assume I love.....I do, cause who am I to try to per sway you differently.  How dare me, author of my own life. Im growing and evolving everyday. So if you have made it to this chapter in my life

Congratulations, Lets thrive! 


Roberto Joseph

Little Haiti raised him but a North Miami Pioneer C/O 2006. Berto attended Culinary school at La Cordon Bleu. He racked up quite the culinary resume by cooking for NBA players, travel chef, private chef but he's not cooking for the wedding. Maybe one day family and friends will get his cooking but don't hold your breathe. 

An outgoing man, full of life, very supportive( this man will stop everything he's doing to be there for anyone) and sometimes too charming(like chill berto).

On his free time you can catch him in front of the screen, watching his favorite team play or he's getting killed on call of duty. Either way he's having the time of his life! Can't hate on that.....





Cause they really started with a Facebook DM now they're here. For those who know....know and those who don't...... well they need to reevaluate your invite. So lets talk about what we don't know about the couple. For starters Nadia's mother and Berto's father grew up in the same part of Haiti together. Like his dad stayed a couple houses down from her mom #literally. So you could imagine the reunion when they found out their kids were dating. His best friend Gerry has a sister who has been best friends with one of Nadia's sister since childhood. We're talking over 20 years of friendship. I mean they attended all the functions at Nicks house, and if you knew Nick then you knew every holiday was a get together party with all your friends and family. The whole family knew Berto except Nadia. Like how did they miss each other. Guess everything is really on Gods timing. 

The two compliment each other so well, personalities are one in the same so much that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. An Aries and a Libra.....need we say more. Views on everything are very different. But they make It work, well at least they try to. They have changed a lot from who they initially were when they met one another because thats what relationships do.  He's the life of the party everywhere and she's the life of the party with only those she know personally.  Major supporters of one another! From him helping with reaching her dreams and opening up a bakery to her helping him put that chef coat back on and revisiting the chef dream. They got it.....they still do and always will! Its their book and their the authors.

The chapter of Marriage!